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We’ve discovered how to differentially regulate microbial metabolism to our advantage. Leveraging our Selective Microbial Metabolism Regulation Technology (SMMRT)®, we’ve developed a pipeline of safe, bioactive ingredients that can be tailored to the specific partners’ need to help manage biofilm-related problems.

Learn what biofilm is and its impact on the world we live in. Visit our biofilm education page for more information.

Learn about biofilm

Problem #1

Bacterial biofilms are responsible for countless diseases, systemic infections, corrosion, and destruction; causing trillions of dollars in economic burden every year.

Problem #2

The overuse of antibiotics is causing antibiotic resistance and the formation of super-bugs.

Problem #3

Existing means of attacking pathogenic bacteria are highly toxic and harmful to humans and the environment, as well as being mostly ineffective.

Our solution

We have years of scientific data showing that our proprietary formulas can selectively target harmful bacteria in biofilms through microbial metabolism. Our pipeline of safe and nontoxic, GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) bioactive ingredients have over 40 years of safety testing in humans and can be tailored to the specific industrial or partners’ need to help manage biofilm-related problems.