Industries & Solutions

We have developed a pipeline of formulas used for various applications, in multiple industries.

Personal Care

Maintaining great health and hygiene are critical to enhancing our quality of life. Our solutions target disease-related biofilms that exist throughout the human body.


Animal Care

Keeping our companion and production animals disease-free increases their happiness and lifespan. Our solutions target disease-related bacteria in the mouth, skin, and digestive system.

Home Care

Keep the environment and spaces you live in free from harmful bacteria for healthier living. Our solutions can be tailored to target and neutralize the growth of bacteria in biofilms existing on non-biological surfaces.

Industrial application

Biofilm-related damage to industrial machinery and equipment costs governments and citizens billions of dollars annually. Our solutions have displayed an ability to control corrosion and algae formation. 

Agricultural application

Crop damage costs the agricultural industry hundreds of millions of dollars in losses each year. Our solutions are a safe alternative to harmful and toxic pesticides, food preservatives, and anti-fungal treatments.